10 best Customer Feedback Analytics Tools Powered by AI in 2021

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Did you know that 84% of companies that analyze and improve their customer experience show an increase in their profit?

In recent times, many companies have begun to realize how tools related to customer feedback analytics, sentiment analysis, and text analytics software can change their product roadmap for good. These tools have also helped them understand their customer needs and expectations in order to provide better upgrades and to stay ahead of the competition.

As the renowned businessman Stephen Covey once said: "Technology and tools are useful and powerful when they are your servant and not your master."

Are you looking for the latest customer feedback analytics tools that can not only help you but also lead you to master customer success?

Customer Feedback Analytics

Let's evaluate the top 10 customer feedback analytics tools in 2021 that are invaluable for your business.

This evaluation is prioritized with a list of criteria such as pricing, onboarding, accredited reviews, features, setup and training, analytical capabilities, and ease of use.


Website: https://www.pyoneer.io/

Pyoneer is a mid-sized enterprise that aims to assist companies in turning customer feedback into growth. This is the only solution on the market that doesn’t require any data labeling effort or data science expertise (or, in simpler terms: no code required). Thanks to automatic updating through AI models, you can easily collect feedback that’ll assist you in reducing customer churn and enabling product-led growth.

Additionally, one-click integration to various customer feedback channels, no-code experience needed, and a simple process to collect customer feedback are some of the top qualities that Pyoneer is known for. The custom themes AI model is based on the easy and no-code training of the custom text classifier.

Pyoneer is a self-learning technology that reduces data labeling effort by 95%. It is a scalable solution that improves and learns automatically and in turn, achieves 97% accuracy within a few days.

With standard and customizable data displays and the ability to pin multiple widgets onto dashboards, a wide variety of themes can be analyzed. The themes board has a search bar that suggests various kinds of themes and has a pivot table tab that shows stats for all themes with an overall sentiment analysis display. Using Pyoneer, product managers and customer success can easily respond to customer complaints.

Actionable insights and impact prediction of customer issues allow aligning customer needs with business strategy. The solution enables the identification of the most relevant customer issues, providing actionable insights, and predicts the most impactful action by correlating themes and strategic company goals.


  • The ONLY solution on the market where no data labeling effort and data science knowledge is required.

  • Easy and NO-code training of custom text classifier.

  • No-Code experience needed, easy to collect feedback.

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  • In customer experience, the survey/poll management and knowledge management features need improvement.

Pricing: Usage-based pricing based on the amount of customer feedback analyzed

  • Starting at 499 € per month

Pyoneer Dashboard


Website: https://chattermill.com/

Chattermill is a mid-sized enterprise that offers a unified customer feedback analytics solution that helps brands redefine the customer experience. They provide in-person training, webinars and documentation for efficient use of the solution. The solution provides powerful chart and reporting functionality and has the ability to collect feedback from existing sources like service, chat, customer feedback survey, or others.

Chattermill allows classifying customer feedback on themes and sentiment analysis. Feedback integration is the same as Pyoneer and the setup of themes and training of the automated text classifier is supported by Chattermill support. The solution allows creating custom themes by the end-user, but it requires data science expertise to train custom AI models and to automate text analytics. Continuous data labeling and high maintenance effort is required due to updating models with feature releases or market changes.

The solution provides various charts to analyze mentions and sentiment of feedback for existing themes. Chattermill allows us to analyze trends from existing themes and combine them with sentiment analysis or NPS information but only provides mentions of single themes. Root causes of customer problems are often hidden inside of themes and the ability to correlate themes is not supported which limits the ability to find real actionable insights.

They offer a free plan but to add data you need a dedicated customer success manager from Chattermill who will guide you in setting up the themes, dashboard and new users need to get in touch with the customer success team often to make changes and set up new custom themes.


  • The Chattermill team is incredibly responsive and helpful.

  • Being able to search keywords to find insights easily and share them with stakeholders.

  • Feature on the metrics page that allows you to set up a dashboard.