5 Absolute Reasons Why Customer Feedback Analytics Will Make You Win in 2021

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Every company ideally wants to listen to their customers, but as humans can we really are good listeners? Especially at a time when we’re so driven by customer feedback analytics, is it easy to comprehend what they want from us?

Keeping your customers happy is the new form of marketing. A growing number of companies today are taking money out of actual marketing and investing it in a better customer experience to let them do the marketing. A whopping 73% of companies with “above average” Customer Experience maturity perform better financially than their competitors. Nevertheless, how are these mature companies able to achieve this success? Especially when they have tons of voices filled with unexpected issues?

Simple answer: Actionable Insights

What is Customer Feedback Analytics?

Customer Feedback Analytics

Over the years, companies evolved, technologies developed and people grew familiar with the power and practices of feedback. In the race of this competition between firms, only those that gave power to customers succeeded far better than any rival close to them did. Amazon is well applauded for its excellent customer service and has used one resource effectively to catapult itself ahead of the race: Data.

Feedback in itself is data, which can be your single source of truth to success if used efficiently. Customer Feedback Analytics is that tool that serves your purpose of interpreting this noise and conveying to you what exactly your customers want. With the power of Artificial Intelligence today, one can comfortably analyse data without scouring through endless feedback and guesstimating solutions.

1. Visualize Customer Feedback over time:

Customer Feedback Analytics

A new feature launched in any product is bound to receive feedback during its entire lifecycle. For example, you have mastered creating an app on the iPhone, but recently released its feature on the Apple Watch. It is not only important to roll out updates to bring this app into perfection, but also essential to measure and see the performance of improvement over time. This allows you to view dynamically how effective your efforts have been over time and what move had the greatest impact on resolution.

2. Understand the emotions of your customers:

Customer Feedback Analytics

With Customer Feedback Analytics, group your user feedbacks into categories of your product features, and understand what drives your customers. Is that new feature update on Tap-to-pay making them feel “happy” about it? On the other hand, are they “angry” with the fact that it makes them feel less secure about their wallets? Maybe they are “surprised” that the payment can be done so seamlessly. Moreover, the best part is, since you’re driven by data, you can see in real-time how many of your customers love/hate your new feature!.

3. Drive your solutions with Data:

Customer Feedback Analytics

Be more informed about your solutions. When a process fails to satisfy a customer, listen to what customers actually want from you and develop on it to achieve your customer feedback management goals, instead of guessing and coming up with personal opinions about what works better for your customers.

4. Improve User Experiences:

Customer Feedback Analytics

Do you know that every $1 invested in UX results in a return of $100? In the field of technology, it is user experiences that drive loyalty within customers. Most of the feedback coming from customers in this field is primarily relative to how their experience has been with your product. Know where you lack on your art, listen to their comparisons and innovate with beautiful experiences based on the customer feedback system.

5. Unleash the power of Feedback Analysis with AI:

The best part is that Customer Feedback Analytics can easily be achieved without any effort today. With Pyoneer’s AI magic, the tool automatically scours through multitudes of your feedback data and gives you a statistical, emotional and well-informed analysis of what your customers actually need from you. With easy integrations to App Stores and Email services, your onboarding to our services can be done in no time!

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