5 Customer Centric ways to Increase your Product Success in 2020

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Customer-centric definition/experience is important for the success of businesses in the current era. Especially when customers in just a few clicks can discover the alternatives to your product, price, and features – it becomes necessary to adhere to these beliefs. Today, customers have power over your product. This power shift is noticeable exponentially over the last few years. Customers today have a wide array of choices available on the market and can easily find the information available on the internet to switch product decisions the second they face failure. Customer-centric meaning, therefore, becomes an important topic of understanding today.

Customers are more demanding than ever before today. They are willing for special treatment through customer experience services which makes them feel valued and appreciated. Apart from the product itself they look forward to an excellent customer delivery better than any of your competition.

What is a customer-centric approach ??

Customer centricity is the way of doing business that focuses on positive customer experiences rather than products of sales targets. A customer-centric culture includes every person and process within the entire organization – whether or not they are customer-facing – in designing and implementing the customer-centric model. That is, the organizational norms prioritize the customer so that every person asks how each decision, process, and strategy will affect the customer experience.

1. Resonate with your customers:

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It is always better to connect with your customers and understanding them is your first step in the journey. Have a customer-centric mindset. Adapting and implementing digital intelligence and smart ways to be able to reach the right customer at the right time & place is the advanced practice to connect with them. Connect with the customers regularly via touchpoint sources like chat, email, phone calls, and messages. In today’s era, there are plenty of valuable means of connecting with customers. For instance, Slack measures customer support teams on their ability to respond to inquiries humanly, rather than based on tickets resolved. This can help people not feel like they are in the waiting line, eagerly waiting for a response. Instead, feel valued and experience a personal customer experience that makes them want to come back for more.

2. Regular audit of marketing, sales, and operational data:

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Past customer data helps reveal customer information and their perception of your product. Any index that is not measured cannot be improved. It, therefore, becomes important to track customer data performance and improve on it. It can enable customer-centric selling of your product & services and develop long-term relationships with customers.

3. Take Market Research Seriously:

With the help of the insight knowledge and data from customers, your team can analyze innovative market trends and take actions decisively: Provide tools, training, incentives, and other methods to align more of the workforce to high-performance behaviours, and speed the transition from product-focused to solution-focused sales. Customer-centric selling is thus important than ever before.

4. Embrace Customer data:

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What makes a product successful? The insights from the customer data regarding their buying behaviour, interest in particular products, and engagement will help highlight opportunities and barriers. It will help to understand the context from the consumer’s point of view. This shall identify opportunities to create products and services that work best for your customers. Additionally, creating customer centric mindset by highlighting the ideal customer that you’d like to target. Based on your most loyal customer, aim to deliver customer-centric products promptly.

5. Assign teams dedicated to implementing roadmaps:

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Lastly, once you’ve prioritized where to get started on your implementation roadmap, a dedicated team is required to get things into action. A special team force will be able to allocate their maximum time in the analysis and implementation of the strategies for a customer-centric approach. As Steve Job said “You know, great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” Let the experts do their job!

We hope this article will help you to implement the customer-centric approach irrespective of your type of business.

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