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Updated: Apr 1, 2021

How to create a persona using design thinking?

This article focuses only on the first process phase of the Design Thinking and creating persona for users. Which it deals with understanding your target customer group. Also their behaviors and feelings in order to get a clear picture of their daily goals and needs. This is essential before you can develop more precise solutions, tailored exactly for your customer.

Empathy allows us to feel what it is like to be in somebody else’s shoes— a prerequisite for customer-centric and lean innovation. The more we put yourself in the position of the frustrated customers, the better we will understand his pain points.

Involve observations, interviews, consulting with experts, and measurements to gain empathy. There are some open innovation toolkits available, of which I like Mozilla’s available and comprehensive library

Quick market and competitor research will help you to understand the industry and current opportunities with their strength and weaknesses. If your planning is to offer competitive products, the blue ocean strategy is one of the best ways to highlight your competition entry points and allows you to focus on product features you should focus on. Use this spreadsheet to start with the analysis right away.

It’s important to relate to physical as well as conceptual elements to avoid assumptions and make objective assessments.

Customer journey through Persona:

To capture all your relevant information it’s best to create Persona. This allows everyone in your team to visualize key insights into your target customer group. Use Customer Journey’s to analyze every process step that your customer takes during his buying interactions with your company.

Both methods allow you to make customer thoughts, feelings, and behaviors transparent. These methods will provide each member as well as people outside the team with crucial information, where your customer faces problems. This activity can be done either with your existing products and services or any other competitive solutions which the customer is already using.

With Pyoneer our goal is to provide every Design Thinking practitioner with the right toolset. With our Persona and Customer Journey tools, we believe to simplify applying Design Thinking for everyone. Whether he is an expert or a bloody beginner, and our solution takes this great customer-oriented framework into the daily work of more and more people.

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