Why User Experience is important?

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Smart Lane for citizens

Photograph: PinPep/Rex/Shutterstock

User experience is not only important to startups and corporates but also governments. The new technological dependency and demand have urged the government to adopt smart user experience ideas for its citizens. Modification and modernization from the governments are appreciated by their citizens.

The Netherlands has a good example when it comes to listening to its citizens and applying smart user experience ideas. A Dutch town has installed traffic lights on the pavement, thus introducing an unusual way of trying to keep smartphone-addicted residents safe. Bodegraven is the city in the Netherlands that has put strip lights on the floor at a pedestrian crossing, so the people who stare at their phones all day can see them. This smart solution will prevent pedestrians from accidents. Similar user experience examples can be seen in Warsaw, Poland, or Ausburg, Germany.

It is not a surprise anymore that we, people, are getting more and more addicted to technology and to our smartphones. We can either change this behavior or adapt to it. The Netherlands seems to have understood that it is way more difficult to change the behavior of its citizens than to adapt to it. Smartphone addiction is here to stay with more apps developed and used each day. Whether some think this is for the best and some for the worst, we can’t really change it. This is why we must adapt.

user experience for cities

Photograph: PinPep/Rex/Shutterstock

However, the Netherlands is not the only country that is adapting to this new way of living. In Chongqing, China, the city authorities have designated a 30 meter (100ft) “cellphone lane” for people who use their phones while walking. 

user experience

Photograph: Imaginechina/REX

And so does the UK, which is the first country in Europe to have introduced slow lanes for smartphone users. The two adjacent 75-meter long (247ft) ‘safe lane for mobile phone’ has been installed in the Spinning fields district of Manchester city center. The 250 ft lane comes after research showed 75% of British pedestrians admitted bumping into somebody while on their phone.

smart lane

Understanding the citizens, their behaviors, and needs is necessary in order to provide them with a better lifestyle. This can be appreciated by the citizens and of course, it is beneficial also for the governments to create a meaningful user experience map. If citizens are happy there will be a high rate of well-being and satisfaction within the country and low immigration rates. Citizens should also give suggestions or feedback which can help the governments to enhance and improve in the longer run.

Similarly, a true asset for your business is happy and satisfied customers. Their valuable feedback is a driving force for more betterment in your product and to compete in the market. Every single step or effort taken to further enhance and provide ease to the customers is noticeable and appreciated by them. It even attracts new customers to experience the product which has some enhanced features.

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